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Riverdales I Believe In You And Me Lyrics Tabs Notes Video


Take all the time you want Take all the time you need If you follow your heart I know what your answer will be I know our love is true, It is way to see

Oh, I believe in you and me

For those time you are in doubt For what may lie ahead When all you think about Are the worries in your head I know our love is true, It is way to see

Oh, I believe in you and me

I always knew we could work it out In spite of everybody’s disbeliefs That we ever made it here at all? Well, I believe in you and me

As I get down on my knee There’s nothing bigger, all is great And sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little ring I went for what is true I know it’s meant to be

Ohh, I believe

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Can you believe it’s been a whole fucking year already?! Christ!!

That’s right, will be expiring in 5 days… and you know what?! We are going to let it BURN!

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Dan Vapid And The Cheats New Record

Anonymous Weasel

New Weasel Radio

Weasel Radio is back and in this installment Ben talks about SxSW, the threats that occurred after, and his views on the reactions of band mates and the label.

0:00 Upcoming shows 2:20 The result of SXSW 6:00 Fun with the drummer 10:00 A package is delivered to Ben’s door 14:30 The drummer doesn’t like Ben’s apology 16:00 Vapid 18:00 Fat Mike and Fat Wreck Chords

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Screeching Weasel 2012 Tour

Groundhogs day has passed and the weasel has come out of hiding!

With a new post on the Screeching Weasel website.

They have announced that they are booking a new tour!

It appears The Queers will be joining Screeching Weasel on this tour as they are playing the first two shows with the band in Georgia on May 18th and Orlando, Florida on May 19th.

The following is what was posted on Screeching Weasel’s website.

Screeching Weasel’s “Heard You Were Dead” tour is kicking off Friday May 18th at the Masquerade in Atlanta with the Queers and Karbomb, followed by the Beacham Theater in Orlando on Saturday May 19th with the Queers and the Spears. Tickets on sale Friday – check back here for links. More show announcements coming soon.

You better believe we will be out there getting some good footage of this spectacle!

Back in your hole!?

After all that huffing and puffing from Ben Foster, Screeching Weasel’s site has not been updated since September 20th, 2011!? Only that one show? That was it? Like a fart in the wind my friend. Pretty embarrassing.

Sleeping Weasel

Zac Damon, left, and Pierre Marche are the local members of Screeching Weasel. PHOTO BY AMY BECK

I’d love to update this site more often but there is nothing new going on at the Weasel Manor these days! I mean come on, all that huffing and puffing that the new line up is bad ass and how great the new SW is going to be and yet they do not even update their websites! I found one article titled screeching halt? talking about the new line up and sxsw.

Meanwhile Dan Vapid and The Cheats are playing show after show and soon to release a full length and an split record with The Jetty Boys.

Man up Ben, book a tour already!

Dan Vapid & The Cheats @ The Metro

Dan Vapid at The Metro

Dan Vapid And The Cheats added a bunch of new live videos to their site including new songs that will be on the new record & split with The Jetty Boys!

Sounds pretty good! Looking forward to hearing the studio versions! Review & SaveBenWeasel Plug!

Italian punk blog reviewed the new SW EP & Plugged us! You rule! Worldwide

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